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Born in Paris the first of may 1949, I grew up in the suburbs near the capital. At the age of 12 I discovered my passion for drawing. Then I started drawing tirelessly and at 16 I enrolled in the National School of Automotive bodywork where I studied design. I was several years employed illustrator, graphic designer in advertising and documentation agencies. During this time, parallel I use my free time to paint and draw. In 1982, I decided to create my own business and created a small studio of creative design. During this period of 20 years, I have been a member of the House of Artists and I realized a lot of work for my clients. Since I paint I create I especially research different styles such as Cubism meet the geometric harmony and aesthetic plastic. This approach in my opinion may be a new movement like Cubism will search for a universal reality beyond the contours of things. Art is my passion. The life has no purpose, she is the purpose.