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For french artists

'La Maison des Artistes', an organization accredited by the State for the administration of social insurance for artists and authors of graphic and plastic works informs you:
In accordance with the laws in force in the French territory, any person exercising an activity for which it is likely to earn income is required to declare themselves socially and fiscally, even if he carries or has exercised also another activity (employee, professional, retired).
Therefore, market or distribute works of graphic or plastic art is subject to reporting requirements and contributory social security and tax.
Therefore, artists or graphic artists (painter, sculptor, ceramicist, performer, etc..) are required to first euro perceived (at exhibitions, workshops, open houses, Internet sales, etc.. ) identify themselves with Social Security Administrative Services 'La Maison des Artistes' under social legislation (Article L-382-1 of the CSS > obtain a MdA order number) and to declare with their local tax office in BNC under the tax laws (art. 1460-2 ° art. 102b & art. 92 - DB 5 G-11 of the CGI > obtaining a SIRET-SIREN number) to to be recognized administratively.
Founded in 1952 by artists in a spirit of solidarity, 'La Maison des Artistes' is the grouping of visual artists authors of graphic and plastic working in France and responsible for managing their social security, as well as activities general interest. La Maison des Artistes is approved by the State for the management of social insurance for artists and authors of graphic and plastic works (Art. L382-1 - R382-1 and R382-6 / -7 / -12). This mission is specifically exempted by an administrative department under the ministry of culture and the ministry of social affairs.
The social and fiscal registration is an obligation, therefore all documents associated with your artistic activity should contain the following:
  • Number of 'La Maison des Artistes'
  • SIREN/SIRET number
  • Artists wich make their first sale at an event organized by a public or private structure or the sale of their works on the Internet must identify and declare the result.
The administrative departments of social security 'La Maison des Artistes' have not only a mission of managing insurance and social security contributions of artists and authors of visual arts and the visual and their broadcasters, but also a mission of identifying the artists and their broadcasters.
They perform this check on exhibition catalogs, Internet site, on any documentation provided to them.
'La Maison des Artistes' is at your disposal to provide any information and explanations. (more details on the websites: www.lamaisondesartistes.fr and www.cnap.fr (national center for visual arts).
La Maison des Artistes
Headquarters : Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild - 11 rue Berryer - 75008 Paris
Phone : – Fax : - contacts@lamaisondesartistes.fr - www.lamaisondesartistes.fr
Social security administrative services - 90 avenue de Flandre - 75019 Paris